Project features

Include Diverse NFT

NFT in MetaArks is progressing with other 3D items, enabling players to build a more diverse community and in-depth contents.
We will gradually open up other NFTs into the Ark Land, granting the game new empowerment that allows players to set their favorite NFTs in the Ark Land.

Using AR technology to have NFT in your hands

Whether they are characters, lands, facilities, or pets, MetaArk’s NFT can be perfectly displayed as dynamic ones on AR-enabled portable devices, and in the future, we will open up the inclusion of wearable devices so that every NFT can be presented in the real world most realistically.

GameFi × SocialFi

Instead of early mining in GameFi 1.0, our product focuses on player experience.
We emphasize interaction between players, and create our own economic system from it.
Web3 with interaction leads to true GameFi 2.0.


Situated at the intersection of the reality and the virtual world, we are committed to breaking the current status as well as universal values to create a world of freedom for all. Here, we will be our true selves. Our vision: create a utopia of the spiritual world, where everything starts with Arker and eventually returns to Arker; a meta-universe world closely connected to reality.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Team members

Incorporator /

Person in charge for many international trades. Has been dedicating to the development and investment of cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2019.

Planning / OGG

Used to be in the position of convener and producer in X-Legend Entertainment and Shenzhen Zhongqingbaowang Interaction Network for many MMROPG, such as Grand Fantasia Online, etc.

Game / Mars

Mars team has participated in cooperative development with quite many game publishers, including SEGA, Softstar Entertainment, and Gamania Digital Entertainment, etc, having experience in total more than 30 games.

Executive / Logan

Adept at web3 Community Structure, been focusing on Blockchain Research and Investment, Smart Contract Planning for many years.

Economic Model /

Currently as a global API technology expert of LINE. Has led more than 10 scientific researches on artificial intelligence, financial technology, and social network, and has more than 25 patents on user experience and financial systems over the past decade.

Community / Nessie

Professional bilingual host, adept at event planning and vibe cohering.

Community / Raymond

Artistic Work / Hans